Monday, September 19, 2016

Welcome to the 16-17 LNMUN Year!

Tonight marks our first official meeting of the school year as we set out to make 2016-17 our most successful and fun MUN year ever. Here is an overview of tonight's agenda:

1. Welcome & introductions

2. KC Mayor's Dinner--We have 4 spots available to attend this event on Monday, October 24th. Please email me if you are interested in attending.

2. WUMUNS assignments: Click on the link to find out your assignment. Go to the committee page and print out/begin reading the background guide. Position papers are due Friday, October 7th (one week before conference).

3. Park University Model UN conference (PMUN): We will be attending Park University's MUN conference this year for all new students and those not attending WUMUNS. This conference is similar to MKCMUN and will be used to help determine our travel team to MUNUC (Chicago).

4. University of Chicago Model UN (MUNUC): We will be taking approximately 20-22 students to Chicago for this large, competitive conference. It will be held February 2-5, 2017. The traveling team will be determined based on performances at WUMUNS and PMUN.

5. Potential Officer Elections? Do we need/want them this year? What offices/duties?

6. Future meeting dates: Plan on Monday evenings. Eagle Hour?

Monday, October 26, 2015

MUNday EH Meeting, October 26th

1. Recap--Ms. Sharon Riggle, Children and Armed Conflict
2. Recap--KC Mayor's UN dinner
3. Mock Session--November 9th (in two weeks) 3:45-8:30pm
4. Research for Mock Session--topic research

On November 9th, we will conduct a mock session instead of our usual meeting. This mock session will last from 3:45-8:30 with a short break for a pizza dinner around 5:45. Each of you have been assigned a country to represent and the Secretariat has determined the topic to be resolved is Agriculture Development and Food Security. Today, we will begin researching that topic and looking at possible ideas to solving this problem.

First, please make sure you have read the background guide.

Next, look at some general UN related websites on Agriculture Development and Food Security.

Global Food Security

High Level Task Force on Global Food and Nutrition Security

The State of Food Insecurity 2015

World Food Program

Once you have established a good working background knowledge of the problem, it is time to focus on possible solutions. See if your country is impacted by this problem. What action, if any, has it taken? Is it a developing country that is threatened by food insecurity, or  a donor country that has helped establish programs to assist these countries?

Ms. Sharon Riggle, Children and Armed Conflict

On Thursday, October 22nd, Ms. Sharon Riggle from the office of the Special Representative to the Secretary General on Children and Armed Conflict visited Liberty North High School and spoke to Model UN students and AP Government students. In addition to her large group presentation that addressed the history, mandate, and recent actions of the Children and Armed Conflict office, Ms. Riggle held a special session with Model UN students during Eagle Hour. During that meeting, Ms. Riggle was able to go more in-depth with students and answer questions about her work and experiences. Our students were able to learn more about the #ChildrenNotSoldiers campaign and efforts to improve the lives of children caught up in conflict.

Monday, October 19, 2015

MUNday Meeting 10/19

1. Club page:  & Twitter: @libertynorthmun

2. WUMUNS report

3. Guest Speaker--Thursday

4. KC Mayor's UN Dinner--Friday

5. MUNUC requests

6. Country Assignments & research

One of the keys to Model UN is understanding your country and representing its views in a manner that reflects their foreign policy beliefs and actions. Tonight, you will be assigned a country for our mock session (date TBA). The mock session will be used to help determine our final selections for MUNUC.

Best Delegate has a great resource page for a variety of MUN tasks, including country research. One of the best places to find basic information about your country is the CIA World Factbook. UNA-USA also has some good resources to draw from, especially questions that you should be answering to find out more about your country.

I have emailed you a country profile sheet. Please print out and fill out to the best of your abilities the information about your country.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

MUNUC Requests

Our next major conference will be the University of Chicago's MUNUC, held February 4-7, 2016 in the historic Palmer House hotel in downtown Chicago. This conference annually draws over 2500 students from across the country and even a few international delegations. This year, Liberty North will be representing the delegation of New Zealand along with a few specialized committee roles, including two US Senate seats.

Unlike other conferences we attend, most of you will serve in committee with a partner. Many of the committees will have 200-300+ students in them and having a partner to help navigate and negotiate with others is advantageous. Think about who you think you would work well with before you fill out the committee/partner request form.

We will be making decisions for the MUNUC team within the next month. Please fill out this form so we know who is interested in attending. We will only be able to take twenty students this year.

Delegates will spend over 20 hours in committee over the four day weekend, but we also have time for some fun activities. There is usually time either Thursday afternoon or Friday morning to visit one of Chicago's world-renowned museums and we will most likely go to Giordano's for some deep dish Chicago pizza followed by an improv comedy show on Saturday night.

Liberty North has consistently finished among the top five schools (including a top finish in 2013) and we are looking forward to a strong, competitive team and another successful conference.

Guest Speaker: Ms. Sharon Riggle, UN Children and Armed Conflict

On Thursday, October 22nd, Ms. Sharon Riggle from the office of the Special Representative to UN Children and Armed Conflict will be at Liberty North High School. Ms. Riggle will be speaking to the AP Government and Model UN students during 5th hour in the PAT. Model UN students will also have a special audience with Ms. Riggle during Eagle Hour in Mr. Gates' room (810). Please check with your 5th hour teacher to make sure there is not a conflict with you missing class on Thursday.

WUMUNS Results

What a fantastic weekend in St. Louis at WUMUNS, Washington University's Model UN conference. Our students participated in a number of small, unique, fast-paced, crisis-based committees ranging from historical committees like Tammany Hall, the Napoleonic Wars, and a joint committee crisis of the Korean War to more fantastical ones like Star Trek and the Great Heathen army (Vikings). Brynne even represented on Edward R. Murrow on the Kecksburg Commission investigating possible UFO activity.

Liberty North once again had a very successful weekend, walking away with the Outstanding Small Delegation Award (pictured below) along with more than half of our team being recognized for their efforts.

Individual winners were:

  • Jacob Lozano, Honorable Mention Position Paper
  • Elliott Yoakum, Honorable Mention
  • Cailey Hagen, Honorable Mention
  • Sara Venier, Honorable Mention
  • Cami Smith, Honorable Mention
  • Ying Chow, Honorable Mention
  • Isaac Keller, Honorable Mention
Congratulations to the whole team and thanks for a wonderful weekend!